Party Walls

Under the Party Wall (etc) Act 1996 you are required to obtain the consent of the adjoining owner of a Party Wall if you wish to: –

  • Cut into or weather a Party Wall
  • Extend the Wall
  • Demolish or rebuild the Wall in whole or part
  • Excavate within 3 or 6 meters of a Party Wall

These works are formalised through a Party Wall Award.

There is a set procedure to follow in accordance with the Act, which starts with an initial notice. From the date of the notice no works can commence until a period of two months has passed. Accordingly, if you have a Party Wall situation you need to consider involving a surveyor as soon as a project is conceived.

As recognised Party Wall Surveyors, we can either act for you as the Building Owner or, if you are on the receiving end of a notice, we can act on your behalf as the Adjoining Owner.

It is worth noting that the Act is there to enable such works to be done – particularly useful if you have an obstructive neighbour. They are of course equally there to protect your interest if you are next door to a bullish neighbour carrying out such works.

A useful point, – if you are the adjoining owner, our fees are usually covered by the person carrying out works.

If you are concerned or need some help with a Party Wall Situation then give us a call.