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Building Surveys

Are you acquiring a property?

If you are acquiring a residential property then we can help you with a Building Survey. The complete Property Audit that will tell you everything you need to know about the condition of your investment.

If you are considering alterations or improvements then we can look at those as part of the survey and provide guidance on what may be possible and if Statutory Authority Approval will be required.

As an alternative if required, we can organise a Home Buyers Report in the RICS recognised format.

If you are acquiring a commercial property then a more detailed Building Survey is highly recommended. This is as above a complete property audit and even includes a section purely covering the Disability Discrimination Act.

Are you acquiring a Lease?

We would recommend you consider a Building Survey on any Lease acquisition but particularly on those of three years or more. There can be some substantial hidden costs within leasehold properties and landlord’s service charges and inherited defects. Many of these can be cripplingly expensive. A Building Survey will determine these prior to your commitment to purchase and ensure that you are aware of all of the potential future costs of your acquisition.

If you require a Survey to ensure your investment does not run away with your funds, then please give us a call.


Defects Analysis

Building Surveyors really are the Property Pathologist!

We understand how buildings are put together, we understand what makes them tick and we know how to cure their ailments!

If you have a problem with your property procuring the services of a contractor to repair the perceived problem – like buying some medicines over the counter, does not always cure the aliment.

As Chartered Building Surveyors, we are extremely skilled at determining the Ailment and then recommending the correct course of remedial works be they repair or replacement.

We are particularly skilled at the causes of dampness and cracking.

Do you need some help with a defect? Then please give us a call.



Dilapidations if not correctly managed can be costly for either tenant or landlord!

As a Tenant, the arrival of an Interim Schedule of Dilapidations because you have not maintained a property or, a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations on the expiry of your lease can be both daunting but also exceedingly costly.

As a Landlord, the cost of putting a property in order on expiry of a Lease, can not only be excessive but far reaching, especially if rent free periods have to be offered to a new tenant as compensation.

So, how can We Help?

As a Tenant, we can advise on how to effectively discharge your dilapidations responsibility by the planning of the dilapidations process. The costs involved can be minimised through this process – sometimes even obviated.

As a Landlord, we can help insure a tenant complies with their repairing responsibilities under their lease and that you do not end up out of pocket.

If you would like to minimise the cost of dilapidations as a landlord or tenant, then please give us a call.


Extensions & Alterations

Do you need some more space?

Would you like to extend?

Can you take that wall out?

We can design a sympathetic extension to create that extra space or work out whether you can convert that loft.

We can help with if and how that wall can be removed to improve the use of the space you have.

Extensions need not look like a box! Although if it’s a box you want, then we can design that too.

We have an impressive success rate with the Local Planning Authorities and can obtain all of the necessary Statutory Authority Consents for you!

If you would like some more space and really do not want to move, then please give us a call.


Party Walls

Under the Party Wall (etc) Act 1996 you are required to obtain the consent of the adjoining owner of a Party Wall if you wish to: –

  • Cut into or weather a Party Wall
  • Extend the Wall
  • Demolish or rebuild the Wall in whole or part
  • Excavate within 3 or 6 meters of a Party Wall

These works are formalised through a Party Wall Award.

There is a set procedure to follow in accordance with the Act, which starts with an initial notice. From the date of the notice no works can commence until a period of two months has passed. Accordingly, if you have a Party Wall situation you need to consider involving a surveyor as soon as a project is conceived.

As recognised Party Wall Surveyors, we can either act for you as the Building Owner or, if you are on the receiving end of a notice, we can act on your behalf as the Adjoining Owner.

It is worth noting that the Act is there to enable such works to be done – particularly useful if you have an obstructive neighbour. They are of course equally there to protect your interest if you are next door to a bullish neighbour carrying out such works.

A useful point, – if you are the adjoining owner, our fees are usually covered by the person carrying out works.

If you are concerned or need some help with a Party Wall Situation then give us a call.


Planned Maintenance

Maintaining your property in a structured way saves you money.

Planning a maintenance regime for your property be it commercial or residential, will ensure your investment performs to an acceptable standard and minimises the risk of costly failures of the building disrupting your business or your use of the property.

A Maintenance Plan could typically be for 5 or 10 years or of course specifically tailored to suit your requirements.

Works detailed can be prioritised in terms of importance. For example: –

1. An Urgent Health & Safety item
2. Works necessary to prevent further deterioration
3. Works that can be undertaken when the property is next decorated so as to maximise on economies of scale and for example use of scaffold

The individual items of works can also be provided with a disruption code to identify whether works need to be complete out of hours, or weekends, or during normal working hours.

The whole Maintenance Plan will then be provided with budget costs against each maintenance item.

You will therefore know what your property maintenance budget is for the current year and subsequent years.
Essential knowledge if you are business planning.

Would you like to plan your maintenance so that you can be assured year on year, what your investment will cost, then give us a call.


Project Management

Project management is simply about project coordination.

We can guide you, the client through the project from your initial conception through the design stage, through procurement to commencing the project on site.

We will then ensure that the implementation of the project on site progresses with the minimum of disruption to your life or your business.

We effectively take away from you the hassle of the project so that you can concentrate on what is far more important – your business or simply your life!.

Typically it could involve: –

  • Procurement of appropriate consultants
  • Coordination of design
  • Budgeting and Cost Planning
  • Contractor selection and Tendering
  • Programming Of Project
  • Obtaining all necessary Statutory Approvals
  • Contractor appointment and contract
  • Contract administration of the works on site
  • Handover and completion

Whether your project is £20,000 or £2 million we have the expertise and the experience to ensure that your project is managed from conception to completion on time and on budget with the minimum of disruption to you or your business.

Would you like the stress and grief of your project managed away, then give us a call.


Rights of Light

A Right of Light comes either by Express Grant or covenant or more commonly from the Prescription Act of 1832

The principal is that you have a right to continue to receive natural light through the openings in your building.

Such a Right is acquired after continuous enjoyment of light for 19 years and a day through that opening.

If someone intends to erect or alter their building in a way that significantly reduces your light then it is quite probable that: –

  • You can obtain an injunction to halt such works in the first instance and get the works modified to reduce the impact on you light or, if not possible:-
  • Obtain compensation for the loss of light.

It is worth noting that this is not something that the Local Authority Planning Department considers when reviewing a Planning Application.

If you think you may have a potential loss of light or, you are concerned that your proposed works or development may affect someone else’s Right Of Light, then please give us a call.