Building Surveys

Are you buying a property?
make an informed purchase

Protect yourself from unwanted surprises by engaging us to carry out a Building Survey or Property Audit . There is no need to inherit unknown costly property problems

Avoid unforeseen Costs

Not all building defects are obvious. Some can be costly to resolve in both time and money.

Commission the Right Survey

The survey you will need will depend on the age of the property. For older properties a Building Survey here is key to understand what condition the property is in and what you are taking on. For a commercial purchase a Building Survey is essential. For a new property or something less than 70 years old, our Property Audit will cover everything you need to know. It is in essence a mini Building Survey. Much more useful than the traditional Homebuyers Report and far more detailed, and just a few less standard clauses!

Negotiate on the purchase price.

Whether a Building Survey or a Property Audit, negotiate the purchase price from a position of strength with the help of Price Lilford. Both include a costed schedule of key issues which will enable you to negotiate the best possible purchase price. We can advise on the most appropriate survey for the property so you can make that informed property purchase. Unknown costs can be alleviated and you can enjoy your new home or commercial space having the peace of mind you deserve.

Buy your property with peace of mind

If you would like to make an informed Property purchase and negotiate your purchase from a position of strength then working with us is a simple 3-step process:

Very happy and impressed with the service I received

"Mike and the whole team made sure we understood everything that would need doing on the property. I have zero building knowledge but Mike took the time to explain everything to me in a way I understood. We then felt fully confident in our property and we even managed to negotiate a bit of money off thanks to the survey provided. The survey was done promptly and thoroughly. I would have no hesitations in referring Price Lilford to anyone else."