Snagging Inspection

Buying a New Build Property? Move in defect free!

Our professional snagging inspection services go beyond what a builder typically checks, ensuring that even the smallest defects are identified and documented so that you can move in defect free! 

Explore how you can move in defect free by engaging us to undertake a Professional snagging inspection of the your new home.

Ensure defects do not spoil the enjoyment of your new home

A builders snagging inspection is not the same as an independent snagging inspection. Some defects are not obvious. Give the builder an informed list of defects that you can then manage to resolution. Enjoy your new home from day one.

Let us help you...

We know where to look for defects. A professional snagging schedule will give you the reassurance that your new property is free from annoying defects, so that you can negotiate with your builder to resolve defects before you move in.
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Working with Price Lilford

If you would like to move in snag free then working with us is a simple 3-step process:

Very happy and impressed with the service I received

"Very happy and impressed with the service I received from Price Lilford. Questions were answered very quickly and competently, and the survey (full structure) was conducted in a very detailed and comprehensive way, including the chance to have a proper chat about the findings."

Why use Price Lilford?

We’ve built a reputation for being thorough and honest with our clients, consistently delivering reliable, accurate advice.

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