Planned Maintenance

Maintaining your property in a structured way saves you money.

Planning a maintenance regime for your property be it commercial or residential, will ensure your investment performs to an acceptable standard and minimises the risk of costly failures of the building disrupting your business or your use of the property.

A Maintenance Plan could typically be for 5 or 10 years or of course specifically tailored to suit your requirements.

Works detailed can be prioritised in terms of importance. For example: –

1. An Urgent Health & Safety item
2. Works necessary to prevent further deterioration
3. Works that can be undertaken when the property is next decorated so as to maximise on economies of scale and for example use of scaffold

The individual items of works can also be provided with a disruption code to identify whether works need to be complete out of hours, or weekends, or during normal working hours.

The whole Maintenance Plan will then be provided with budget costs against each maintenance item.

You will therefore know what your property maintenance budget is for the current year and subsequent years.
Essential knowledge if you are business planning.

Would you like to plan your maintenance so that you can be assured year on year, what your investment will cost, then give us a call.