Planned Maintenance 

Understand what your property will cost to maintain

Are you concerned about the unpredictable and potentially costly issues that can arise with property ownership? Our Planned Maintenance service is here to provide you with clarity and confidence regarding your property's maintenance costs.

Plan your future property costs by engaging us to prepare a Planned Maintenance Plan (PMP)

Predicting the timing and cost of maintaining a property is essential to understand what your costs in use will be. If there are several interested parties this can help set budgets and determine service charge levels. Any new purchasers feel totally informed and their solicitors are usually delighted to see PMPs in place. Even modern properties require maintenance and unfortunately this can be expensive. The older a property, the more frequently TLC may be needed.

A Planned Maintenance Plan will provide the tool to accurately predict what maintenance needs to be done and when irrespective of building age.

Understand your property condition and what the costs will be to maintain it

Preparation of a Planned Maintenance plan starts with a survey of the building to understand the condition of the building and what needs to be done to maintain the building fabric. Common areas as well as the building fabric are inspected. If necessary a drone will help us with those tricky roof and chimney areas to see. Maintenance can be prioritised to cover both routine tasks and urgent ones too.

You can then be satisfied that you know what your property maintenance liabilities are going to be enabling you to plan and budget. The threat of unknown costs are alleviated.

Price Lilford can help...

Price Lilford can help you take control of your property's maintenance, providing the assurance of predictable expenses and informed decision-making. With our Planned Maintenance service, you can confidently plan for the future and avoid the uncertainties of unexpected repairs.
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If you would like to Plan you future property expenditure form a position of knowledge, then working with us is a simple 3 - step process:

Very happy and impressed with the service I received

"Very happy and impressed with the service I received from Price Lilford. Questions were answered very quickly and competently, and the survey (full structure) was conducted in a very detailed and comprehensive way, including the chance to have a proper chat about the findings."