Property Disputes

Resolve & Avoid Property Disputes
Reduce stress or the risk of a costly legal battle

In an ideal world owning a property would be smooth sailing, unfortunately sometimes you may encounter neighbourly disputes, or leasehold disputes or arguments with a contractor. We will help you deal with any issues correctly, efficiently and within the law.

Support and Guidance when you need it

Whether you’re trying to understand where the boundaries are on a plot or have a problem with the quality of work undertaken at your property, or are unusre of a dilapidations liability, our team of experts is here to help. We aim to clear up any misunderstandings you might encounter along the way, ensuring clarity to make informed decisions. With Price Lilford on your side, you can feel reassured at every step of the journey.

Property disputes can be an emotional minefield

At Price Lilford our team stands by you, ensuring you are equipped with knowledge of the law and regulations, we strive to provide a service that protects your best interests at all times.

Where one property ends, another begins

As expert chartered surveyors, we not only help resolve existing property disputes, but we’ll also take proactive steps to prevent future ones. Giving you peace of mind and security in your investment.

Very happy and impressed with the service I received

"Very happy and impressed with the service I received from Price Lilford. Questions were answered very quickly and competently, and the survey (full structure) was conducted in a very detailed and comprehensive way, including the chance to have a proper chat about the findings."

Why use Price Lilford?

We’ve built a reputation for being thorough and honest with our clients, consistently delivering reliable, accurate advice.
  • RICS Chartered Surveyor
    We have the necessary skills to assess your property
  • Proven Track record
    we've helped 1,000s of people just like you
  • Years of Experience
    there is not much we haven't dealt with

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